Humatic Company Limited

We are a company that manufactures and services agricultural and industrial equipment.

Our company established and brought the product to market in 2017 for Ariatec company and officially named Humatic in March 2020.

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of electronic assembly for Semiconductor company, we confidently enter new markets with the goal of starting agricultural development 4.0 in Vietnam, integrating industrial applications.

Our Products

Company direct research and production

We have a team of R&D engineers with many years of experience in researching, manufacturing and selling products to consumers.

Products made always have the best price because there is no need to go through intermediate sales stages.

We directly manufacture the product, being the one who understands the most about the product, so the product consultation stage is always accurate and best suited to the needs of consumers.

Can customize products to fit all customer requirements.

Producing and manufacturing new products as required.